Words Jesus Might Have Spoken

The best definition of man is: a being that walks on two legs and is ungrateful.
Notes From Underground- F. Dostoyevsky


About Rick McMichael

BA. Biola University, MDiv. Talbot school of theology many moons ago...really does not matter....school just provided tools to keep digging, asking, seeking, knocking. I see thinking as a daily excercise. Albert Einstein said, " I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious". I am no Einstein but my little brain still buzzes around at the speed of light :)
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2 Responses to Words Jesus Might Have Spoken

  1. Kevin Marsden says:

    Good one!

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  2. I met a priest once who wanted to add Dostoyevsky and Kierkegaard to the canon. This makes me believe he had a point.

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