Politics: The banter of those without a view of eternity.


About Rick McMichael

BA. Biola University, MDiv. Talbot school of theology many moons ago...really does not matter....school just provided tools to keep digging, asking, seeking, knocking. I see thinking as a daily excercise. Albert Einstein said, " I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious". I am no Einstein but my little brain still buzzes around at the speed of light :)
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2 Responses to Politics 

  1. Kirk DeWitt says:

    So, how do we invite, welcome those who have no view to see The View? It seems like we need influence earned over time or just plain old miracles that lead to conversations and friendship.

    • Kirk, I think we need to be people who are willing to change the conversation. In my experience those two passionately talk politics usually monologue. They want to control the conversation. I think our role is to expand their horizons and get them to see that things like politics don’t serve man but serve themselves. We invite them as Jesus would to view the world around them and His kingdom as much bigger than their tiny issue. Your question is an important one because so many people have their heads mired in the Muck of the present moment and it is we who should help direct her there if you upward.

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